hi i'm amanda and i like coffee and baked goods we should be friends



There are two types of single people 

  1. desperately wants to be in a relationship
  2. desperately wants to remain single for as long as possible 

I am both.


in 7th grade i turned to this kid that wouldn’t stop talking during class and i said “eric im going to shove this pencil up your ass” and my teacher called my mom and made me tell her what i said and my mom laughed for like 4 minutes

You and I both know there’s got to be some greater storyline for you than ‘girl gets heart broken, was sad forever’. I think a nice one would be ‘girl gets heart broken, was sad for a while but in her heartbreak she found freedom, friends, and the ability to look back and laugh at all she’d learned. She now lives her life on her own terms and still has fantastic hair.’

Taylor Swift’s comment on a fan’s instagram (via tswiftissweeterthanfiction)


if i’m ever late for anything its probably because i have been delayed by signature seeking fans



so i was reading the comments on the orlando bloom/ justin bieber video and i came across this gem


i am crYING


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"wow i really need to get hot before school starts" -me every summer


The fact that most guys’ first response to a woman wanting equality is “SO CAN I HIT U NOW” is sort of terrifying
Like that’s the first thing you’re concerned about? I just want equal pay and you want to punch me in the face? Cool cool

A windows phone could literally predict the future and I would still want an iPhone

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